Park European Excellence - PEE

Contact, Support and Business in International Markets - In short, the project: The project "Park European Excellence" is the tool and the most congenial and useful way to accompany companies and entrepreneur no only European, of all sizes, who may be interested in operating outside his Country of origin and within International Markets. The project is fulfilled by providing the contact with the local authorities (embassies, consulates, State and/or municipal companies, etc.) and international trading partners, managing the procedural process, and if the various bureaucratic and administrative offices, as well as supporting the inclusion of the companies and entrepreneur no only European with prerequisites and eligibility for "doing business" in the market of his own interest, being it understood as: development, achievement, consolidation and optimization of the same. These are the aims of the project.

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PEE Products

Thanks to many years of experience internationally, Bright Business Consulting LLP converged multiple and specific Services in this PEE project - "PEE PRODUCTS". Such PEE PRODUCTS, designed and thought for both small and medium enterprises, are structured to allow these realities "to be leaders in every International Market, i.e. British, Brazilian, Chinese and the UAE Market". In fact, many of these business activities, due to a limited disposable income which forbids them to support immediate and complete self-investments, are forced to give up exports, working only in their domestic markets.