1. It is common to talk about “Company Internationalization” and in the last decade it is essential to discuss this topic. Politicians, local administrators, academics, big and small companies’ businessmen share opinions regarding the process of internationalization and often present different or contrasting opinions; they often cross the parallel topic of “Globalization”, which many people tend to include in the process of “Company Internationalization”.
  2. The two main reasons which induce the company to realize an internationalization process are simple.:
    • Increase the income as much as possible.
    • Reduce the costs to the outmost without affecting the efficiency.
  3. The process of “Company Internationalization” can develop on three levels:

    • PRODUCTIVE: if for example, the company decides to open a new branch in a foreign country.
    • COMMERCIAL: if the company decides to open up the trade of services and goods to foreign markets.
    • FINANCIAL: if the company decides to internationalize the financial management of its holdings regardless of internationalization at a productive and/or commercial level
  4. At the same time, the process of “Company Internationalization” accomplishes when those levels above meet the following main factors:
    • DECENTRALIZE: that is, relocate some functions, powers and/or else from the central branch to the peripheral branches. An example of decentralization is when a central Government gives up some roles and assigns them to the Federal Governments (f.e. Brazil); there could be other examples of this in USA, China, UK and Italy, where the government entrusts roles and powers to entities inside the country, regions and/ or Communes.
    • DELOCALIZE: that is, move the company or its branches, from the country where it was established to one or several other countries, probably decentralizing some of the roles and/or powers. An example or delocalization process is the FCA project, where FIAT - established in Turin, Italy - delocalized first the productive unity in Serbia, Brazil, USA and then decentralized roles and functions between Holland, Luxembourg and England.
    • COMMERCIALIZE : that is, a company which has not yet decentralized or delocalized and is still established and resident in a “Country”, sells its products and/or services in other “Countries”’ markets. The export activity, seen as an independent factor, is considerably weak and fragile in the process of “Internationalization”.
    • LOCALIZE: that is, the preparation, in a generic meaning, for a specific market, and thus the addition of typical features to products and services, which allows to employ them in specific markets or so-called local environments. An example of localization is McDonald, which makes hamburgers using the local resources of the place of settlement in order to satisfy at best the taste of local costumers.
  5. There are “Societies” regularly engaged in the activity of “Company Internationalization” which provide services in this field. As we said, a personal research study depending on the specific areas of activity and based on the different financial local legislations and a “Business Plan” are useful to take on a process of “Company Internationalization”; in such case, Bright Business Consulting LLP provides the essential support to reach such goal.
  6. The project “Park European Excellences” represents the more appropriate and useful vehicle and medium to assist the European company and the businessman of every range, interested in acting outside the country of origin and access the international markets. The project accomplishes providing the contact with local Authorities (Embassies, Consulates, Statal and/or Municipal organs, etc.) and the international business partners; managing the procedure process and the bureaucratic and administrative fulfillments if required, and supporting the integration of the client through preparation and suitability in “doing business” in the target market; it is indeed as development, achievement, stabilization and maximization of the target market. These are, in summary, the goals of the project.
  7. Bright Business Consulting LLP is the ideal partner to entrust to research and/or localize markets where to invest or engage the process of “Company Internationalization” through different levels and factors.
  8. Given its well-established and well-known experience in international markets, Bright Business Consulting LLP has got the skills and qualifications to set up, establish and / or manage an international company.




The countries where most commoly Bright Business Consulting LLP stes up, establisches and if in necessary manages the company on behalf of our Customers, are following:



In force of specific needs of the Customer, the Bright Business Consulting LLP, helps the Customer to set up the company into the Country useful at the case and at the circumstances. To complete the incorporation’s process, the company new-co, with the intervention of Bright Business Consulting LLP, can be introduced to leading banks of international level so as to run the banking relationship between the parties. 




Bright Business Consulting LLP is able to offer the best support to firms and to all those ones who wish to start up their own business way.


The useful purpose of a feasibility study for the set-up of the business, has as its aim the examination of Customers' businesses way, transforming it is thinking and assumptions in elements that allow the Parties to consider how to continue the project.


A thorough check-up allows us to analyze the compliance of the services or products regarding to standards, as well as checking any regulations, certifications, documentation and so forth.


Although occupying creative time, a study conducted well, is strategic to the success of the set-up of the business.


In this circumstance, Bright Business Consulting LLP is a crucial partner, offering its Customer a great experience in international markets.




Bright Business Consulting LLP organizes Trade Missions and/or Business Missions as tools for successful strategy to penetrate International Markets.

The aforementioned Missions are aimed at Countries where Bright Business Consulting LLP works diligently:

• United Kingdom.
• Brazil.
• China.
• United Arab Emirates.
• Other markets under specific opportunities.


There are two different kinds of Services:


Exploratory Missions: which are planned in order to find useful direct information, which are critical for deciding the three fundamental conditions at the base of any commercial project and its business development: pragmatism, sustainability and stability. This type of mission is commonly favored by companies that have decided to establish their headquarters and/or representative office in the market where they are interested in, obliged to meet potential business partners and establish a company or a joint venture with them.

Trade Missions: which are organized in order to get immediatly contacts with a number of potential business partners and/or customers, therefore crediting the company and its services and/or products towards the formalization of distribution and/or sales agreements.





Park European Excellence - PEE

Contact, Support and Business in International Markets - In short, the project: The project "Park European Excellence" is the tool and the most congenial and useful way to accompany companies and entrepreneur no only European, of all sizes, who may be interested in operating outside his Country of origin and within International Markets. The project is fulfilled by providing the contact with the local authorities (embassies, consulates, State and/or municipal companies, etc.) and international trading partners, managing the procedural process, and if the various bureaucratic and administrative offices, as well as supporting the inclusion of the companies and entrepreneur no only European with prerequisites and eligibility for "doing business" in the market of his own interest, being it understood as: development, achievement, consolidation and optimization of the same. These are the aims of the project.

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PEE Products

Thanks to many years of experience internationally, Bright Business Consulting LLP converged multiple and specific Services in this PEE project - "PEE PRODUCTS". Such PEE PRODUCTS, designed and thought for both small and medium enterprises, are structured to allow these realities "to be leaders in every International Market, i.e. British, Brazilian, Chinese and the UAE Market". In fact, many of these business activities, due to a limited disposable income which forbids them to support immediate and complete self-investments, are forced to give up exports, working only in their domestic markets.